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The 2nd annual Newtown, CT Lantern Parade which is part of the Newtown Arts Festival took place on a beautiful September evening at Fairfield Hills.  The walk began at the baseball fields on Mile Hill Rd South proceeding down the new walking trail then continuing onto the new fruit tree trail ending at the flagpole between Woodbury and Newtown Halls. 

Welcoming the walkers along the trail were handcrafted textile dolls created by Julia Provey surrounded by greenery donated by Dan Holmes of Holmes Fine Gardens. A bit farther down the trail was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz created by Eva Provenzano. The big blueberry pie, and big coffee mug on Dorothy's chair were made by Paula Brinkman. Dorothy's chair was on loan from Dr Laura Nowacki.

History of Dorothy: she started out as a middle school scarecrow named "Sally" from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Then she was transformed into Dorothy the diner gal sitting in her blue chair in front of the Blue Colony Diner, followed by riding in the Newtown Labor Day Parade on the Cultural Arts Commission float. For the Lantern Parade her legs were removed so she could sit along the trail. In photo #7 Paula Brinkman gave her back her legs.

Uncle Sam was created by Rob Kaiser. 

The lanterns being carried were constructed over a period of time at Ben's Lighthouse Ice Cream Social, the REACH Car Show, and the Newtown Arts Festival.

The Lantern Parade was led by Arts Festival Chairman Terry Sagedy. 

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