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In Newtown, CT on the site of the future Catherine Hubbard Animal Sanctuary an old barn sat empty and neglected for many years. The only inhabitants had been local graffiti artists, and the creatures who called it home at one time, or another. Coming to the rescue to restore the barn for the CVH Animal Sanctuary was literally Rescue Rebuild a program under Greater Good. This program is a similar idea to Habitat for Humanity except that it's for animals. Not only did Rescue Rebuild come to restore the barn, they also organized the volunteers who came from all over the country. 

For 11 days approximately 50 volunteers worked on site personal schedules permitting, and produced an incredible transformation especially considering the temperature was almost 90 degrees the last few days.

They dug out rocks, tree stumps, and vines that had taken root, removed the barn overhang, took out the concrete overhang supports, cut up and carried four, five? very large dumpsters full of old construction debris, strengthened the entire structure, cut out rotting wood everywhere necessary including the windows frames replacing those with new wood, replaced the roof, wiped down the wood inside which was covered in spider webs, dust, and who knows what, painted all the window trim, and the entire barn. Plus they also built a new chicken coop.

Rescue Rebuild leaders were Bryna Donnelly and Zach Baker from PA. Zach spent most of his time in the cherry picker working on the roof. Bryna worked tirelessly everywhere! This was a massive undertaking especially with the  time contraint, and the CVH Animal Sanctuary will be forever grateful.


The first video is comprised of all the photos, the  second video shows before/after photos, followed by all the still photos located below videos.

BBQ Photos Celebrating the Barn Rebuild

Rescue Rebuild

Greater Good

Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

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14 minute video comprised of all photos below

Short Video Before & After Barn Rebuild

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