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Held on the grounds of the Newtown Youth Academy at Fairfield Hills in Newtown, Connecticut, the second annual "Catherine's Butterfly Party” to benefit the creation of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary was a huge success! Over 2,000 people attended along with a wonderful array of vendors, rescue organizations and educational groups.

Thanks to the success of the Super Adoption, seventeen dogs and cats went to their forever homes, thirteen animals have adoptions pending and lots of new fosters have been added. In addition, Michael Barrett of the ASPCA presented the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation with a $50,000 grant to support the Sanctuary, photos 29, 30.

But perhaps the biggest thank you of all came from a beautiful and unexpected source. During the event, an upside down rainbow, a special smile from above, graced the sky - Catherine's thank you shined bright and without question.

Visiting dignitaries included: Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, CT State Representative Mitch Bolinsky, and Pat Llorda, First Selectman of Newtown, CT

Animal Rescue Groups:

Adopt A Dog CT/NY

Animals-R-Family CT

ASPCA, NY ARF (Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons), NY

BeFreegle Foundation, NY

DAWS Danbury, CT

Gimme Shelter Hamptons, NY

Halfway Home, CT

Horizon Wings, CT

Mayor's Alliance NYC

Second Chance NYC, NY

Stratford Cat Project Stratford, CT

Some of the attendees:

Animal Sanctuary Children's Advisory Board, photo 90

BeFreegles Foundation with Executive Director Kate Aubry, Matt and Jenny holding beagles: Jasper, Loki, and Odie, photo 145

Barbra Richards, Animal Chaplain with family who had adopted, photo 120

Blue Buffalo, Sponsor, L to R Susie Gonegonto, Jenny Mezzapelle, Chris Stites, Dr Victoria Carmella and baby Jack, photo 43

Catherine's grandparents Nancy and Leo Hubbard on left, photo 59

Colleen Backman, Owl Jade, from Horizon Wings, on right photo 57

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, photos 21--26

Danbury Animal Welfare Society, photo 178

Dr Allen Schoen, Author, and Holistic Integrative Veterinary Healthcare, photo 67

Freddie Hubbard, brother of Catherine,  photo 19

Freddie Hubbard with friend William Connors, photo 38

Harmony Verna, CVH Volunteer with son Max, photo 107

Joan Fields, ASPCA holding Pancho, photo 28

John Montoya, with daughter's Isabelle and Kaitlyn considering adopting dog Gordon, photo 155

Kristen Mengold, CVH Foundation Development Coordinator, on left photo 14

LaFrance Acoutics, Lindsey and Todd LaFrance, photo 13

Lori Young, Owl Herkimer from Horizon Wings, on left photo 57

Maddie Stites, Organizer of Kids Lend a Paw holding Poncho, photo 27

Magic Wings, live butterfly display from Deerfield, MA,  photos 107-109

Mary-Beth Kaeser from Horizon Wings holding bald eagle Atka, photos 171-173

Michael Barrett and Mallory Kerley, ASPCA, photo 31

Sean Hudgins, Account Coordinator, SmithSolve introducing Cups of Kindness, photo 71

Sprite, Owl from Horizon Wings, photo 58
Stephanie Mattera, MC of the event, photo 18

Proceeds from the sale of photographs will be donated to the CVH Foundation less 15% online shopping cart fee, and shipping fees.

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