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What a wonderful way to spend a cold winter day! Over 120 people attended Sunday at the Sanctuary "Winter Awakening. Part 1 was held at Reed School in Newtown, followed by an outdoor guided hike led by Naturalist and Education Coordinator of the Catherine Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, Henryk Teraszkiewicz.

Activities for the kids were how to “Read the Landscape” for signs of winter wildlife like tracks, tree scratches, scat, and other markings, with the creation of winter track ID book by participants.

There were three sweet dogs Max, Einstein, and Bebe from Red Leash Rescue looking for their forever home.

Experts from Beardsley Zoo located in Bridgeport, and the Maritime Aquarium presented FrogWatch USA.

Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Center wowed the audience when they brought out some of their rescue birds. There was small Finn, an American Kestrel, Oscar the Great Horned Owl, Atka the Bald Eagle, and lastly a beautiful  Golden Eagle.

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