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The Catherine Hubbard grounds were teeming with all kinds of creatures and flora waiting to be discovered. The BioBlitz event was coordinated by Henryk Teraszkiewicz, Naturalist and Education Director  of the Catherine Hubbard Animal Sanctuary who divided everyone into teams Bird, Invertebrate, Vertebrate, and Flora A and B. 

Each team was led by Dr Rayda Krell an entomologist at WCSU; Dr Paula Philbrick, UConn Biology; Dr Tom Philbrick, Professor of Biology, WCSU; Jim Knox from Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, and Noah Sferra noted bird expert from Ridgefield.

Using ID tools such as the free Leaf Snap tree ID app, Merlin Bird id app, and the iNaturalist app on cellphones, and iPads participants could confirm who is living in the Sanctuary. Returning from their adventures microscopes and magnifiers were on hand for that close and personal look of collected bugs and plants. 

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