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Since 1953 the Bridgewater Fair held in Bridgewater, Connecticut has been the  primary fundraiser for the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department. The Friday night kick off of the three day fair is the Fireman's Parade down Main Street which features volunteer fire department personal who come from all over CT and NY with their beautiful antique and modern fire trucks.   

Leading the parade was the  2nd Company Governors Horse Guard headquartered in Newtown, CT. The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) is an all-volunteer state organized militia unit, originally formed to protect and escort the Governor. As an active Cavalry Unit, 2GHG continues to serve the Governor and the State of Connecticut at the direction of the Connecticut Army National Guard, under the command of the Adjutant General.

The parade also included EMS, marching bands and color guards.

*Photographs include the entire parade.

When you think of the fair you also think of food which is prepared and cooked by volunteer firemen and EMS members. Food tents served roast beef sandwiches, cooked chicken, fresh corn on the cob, tacos, ice cream, fried dough, BBQ, fried Oreos and mare.

For those seeking entertainment there were many other events,  rides, music, rabbits, poultry, pig races etc.

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