Photo and Video Art Works


Photo and Video Art Works is located in Newtown, Connecticut.
Co-owners are the wife and husband team of Marleen and Bill Cafarelli.

We originally began our business as a video production company. However during all of the early years Marleen's zest for photography continued and eventually became a part of the business as well.

What is unique about Marleen and Bill

Marleen and Bill excel at photography, and video production. Marleen primarily handles the photography , but Bill can also do it all. Bill primarily handles the video, but Marleen can film and is a video editor as well. If you hire us you could have two photographers, or two videographers, or one of each.

As to personalities, Bill is the mega geek, nerd, go to techie but he is friendly, and has creative ideas. Marleen is an artiste, perfectionist, and the organizer as everyone needs one of those.

Photography and Video

We have vast experience in many areas of photography and video production. With  the blending of both media due to the changes in technology it's easy to showcase your business hiring just the two of us.

Graphic Design

We have become experts with Photoshop as we use it daily, and also offer graphic design. It will simplify your life if we do the photography then work  with your photos to create  business cards, postcards, or brochures for your business.


Offering fair and competitive pricing for large or small projects we take great pride in offering a money back guarantee we're  so convinced you will be satisfied. Each project is different and unique from all others, thus the cost will be representative of what the project entails. This is how we make our living, devoting full time to your needs, and when you call, we answer the phone.

Brag a Little

Awhile back "Apple Computer" featured us on their site. Our 15 seconds of fame. We have never received so many emails and calls in a such a short period of time!

In six combined years  Marleen and Bill were both presidents of the Videographer's Association of Connecticut.

We were speakers at the International Video Assoc. conventions in Las Vegas.  Through the  International Association we were on a committee which met with the manufacturers of Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Bogen/Manfrotto,  Vinten and Cartoni for the development of video cameras and tripods for our industry. We are very proud to say what is in use today was due to the committee's feedback.

Marleen has exhibited her work in several photography shows, most recently her 5th solo show at the Newtown Municipal Center where she displayed over 100 photos of The 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard.

In Our Free Time

Well, there isn't much of that, but when we can we ride our bikes on the Rail Trails.  Unfortunately living in CT the season is short so about the time we're in shape it's over. We both love the water any chance to visit a place by the ocean, or a lake we're there. Love  boating, dining on seafood,  reading a good book, and Marleen does the gardening while Bill complains about mowing. That's about it, mostly we're both working because we enjoy what we do. Oh, our Macs, can't live without those, and that is all we've used since day one.

Wrapping it Up

We actually have fun working with our clients and have formed many lasting friendships. Going with the flow we're very flexible, open to new ideas, and listen to what YOU want. Give us a call, we would love to discuss whatever you have in mind for yourself, or your business.

Some of our Clients

American Red Cross

Association of Fundraising Professionals

Attorney Anne Ragusa

Attorney David F. Bennett

Attorney Kathy Boufford

Branchville School

Bock and Blu Band

Boehringer Ingelheim

Cartus Corporation

Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation

Danbury Ice Cabaret Ensemble

Coastal Aviation Industries

Curtis Packaging

Dr Donald Gordon

Dr Perry Kest, D.D.S.

Dr Stephen Kest, D.D.S.

eFriend Marketing, LLC

Electro-Flex Heat

Farms For City Kids

Holmes Fine Gardens

Iroquois Gas Co

Joe Sorge Studio

JTJ Architects

Julien Levy Foundation

Latham & Watkins Par Pharmaceuticals

Lord & Taylor

Matt Lecher Contracting


Midwestern CT Council of Alcoholism Inc.

Newtown Forest Association

Newtown Youth Academy


Women's Center Danbury

Richard Frankonis, CNN

Robert Cottingham, Artist

Robert Louis Company

Rumsey Hall School

Save The Children

Scotts Co-Miracle Gro

S.E.A. Productions

Stove & Stone Gallery


The Animal Center

The Graceful Planet

Tophat Academy

Trout Unlimited

Par Pharmaceuticals


Positive Reflections

United Way of CT

USGI Medical

Valley Veterinary Hospital

VASE Construction

Vision Sciences

Westover School

2 Dog 2000 Mile Walk

~ Giving Back ~

The 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard

Since 2010 Marleen has documented The 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard which is headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut. Her photos show all aspects of their events.

The 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard is part of the organized militia of the State of Connecticut under direction of the Governor, and the National Guard. The dedicated Troopers are volunteers who give 300 hours of their time per year with life in the Horse Guard revolving around precision cavalry riding, care of their horses, a therapeutic riding program for people with disabilities, and ceremonial public events.

Catherine Hubbard Violet Foundation for the future CVH Animal Sanctuary

Catherine lost her life during the Sandy Hook School tragedy. She was the beautiful little red haired girl who when she grew up wanted to have an animal sanctuary.The Butterfly Parties have been the fundraisers for the animal sanctuary which is planned to break ground in Newtown, CT 2016.

Catherine's Butterfly Party 2014

Catherine's Butterfly Party 2015

Catherine's Butterfly Party 2016

Catherine's Butterfly Party 2017

Catherine's Butterfly Party 2018

Catherines Butterfly Party 2019

Catherines Butterfly Party 2022

Newtown Healing Art Space

After the tragedy in Sandy Hook art work was sent to Newtown/Sandy Hook from all over the world. Many art pieces were selected and displayed in the Healing Art Space for everyone to see. Marleen had the honor of photographing the opening on that special night.

Newtown Healing Art Space

Sandy Hook Ride on Washington

This was the first Sandy Hook Ride on Washington where 26 bicycle riders participated in a four day, four hundred mile journey from Sandy Hook, CT to Washington D.C. to draw attention to sensible gun regulations. Photos cover the Sandy Hook, to Ridgefield, CT portion.

Sandy Hook Ride on Washington

Newtown Arts Festival

Marleen has been the official photographer for the festival since it began in 2012

The first Arts Festival for Newtown  was a year in the planning and was a tremendous success. Not only was it filled with crafts and food, but it included workshops for children and adults, and dance and music all day long for two days!

Newtown Arts Festival 2012

Newtown Arts Festival 2013

Newtown Arts Festival 2014

Newtown Arts Festival 2015

Newtown Arts Festival 2016

Newtown Arts Festival 2017

Newtown Arts Festival 2018

Newtown Arts Festival 2019

Newtown Arts Festival 2021

Guests danced the night away at the Newtown Art Festival's Rooster Ball.

Marleen was the official photographer.

Rooster Ball 2013

Rooster Ball 2014

Rooster Ball 2015

Rooster Bash 2016

Sawyer Fredericks Concert 2017

Marleen & Bill

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