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A video of the dancing by Bill Cafarelli is located after all the photos.

LTC Steven deFriesse and 2LT Lauren Chirgwin's retirement party from The 2nd Co. Horse Guard was held at the Villa Bianca in Seymour, CT. This affair was extra special for LTC deFriesse as his wife SGT Karen deFriesse who is also a Horse Guard Trooper,  his three sisters, five brothers with spouses,  mother-in-law, daughter and grandson were in attendance. That is one big family Steven! During LTC deFriesse's talk he presented his mother-in-law with flowers to thank her for all she had done in the past making it possible for the husband and wife team to be part of the Horse Guard.

2LT Chirgwin's niece, SGT Kim Contoir, who was a 2nd Co. Horse Guard member drove from VT near the Canadian border to be with her aunt on her special day.  Also friend and fellow Trooper PFC Lyons joined the festivities. During 2LT Chirgwin's talk she addressed the new recruit class saying how much it meant to her being a part of the Horse Guard, and how they are like family.

Officiers from the 1st Co. Governors Horse Guard, 1st Co. Governors Foot Guard, and the new class of recruits were all honored guests.

A relative of Julia Wasserman, a former Connecticut lawmaker, and local elected official from Newtown presented  MAJ Johnson with a gift from her estate to the Friends of the 2nd Co. Governors Horse Guard.

Congratulations LTC deFriesse and 2LT Chirgwin for all your years of service to The 2nd Co. Governors Horse Guard!

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Retirement Party Dancing Video

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