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Major Gordon J. Johnson, Commandant of The 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard 2002-2015

The retirement party for  Major Johnson was held at the beautiful Fox Hill Inn in Brookfield, CT.

Guests of Honor Head-table: Rep. Mitch Bolinsky 106th District, Rep. Dan Carter 2nd General Assembly District, Rep. Laura Hoydick 120th District, Former Rep. DebraLee Hovey, Susan Johnson, Major Johnson, Major Marrinan, Dr Nora Marrinan, 2LT Ken Fay, Jodi Fay

Guests representing other militias: Maj Chris G. Miller, Maj Richard Greenalch, CPT Alice Cronin, CPT Robert Devaney, LTC Peter Laffin, LTC Gary Stegina, LTC Peter Jenkin, CPT Joan Morgan, Maj Mark Boudreau, LTC Christopher Cain, LTC Dennis Conroy, LTC Rocco Laraia, CPT William O'Rourke, CPT Robert Mazzara, CPL Joseph Kearney,   2LT Carol Martinoli, CPT Sal Tarantino, Brenda Cargill, and John DePastino

and of course family members of Maj Johnson, and the Troopers from The 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard!

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