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August 2019  Connecticut's  four active cavalry and foot guard militia units attended annual training at National Guard Camp Nett in Niantic, CT. 

1st Company Governors Horse Guard, Avon, CT (1GHG)

2nd Company Governors Horse Guard, Newtown, CT (2GHG)

1st Company Governors Foot Guard, Hartford, CT  (1GFG)

2nd Company Governors Foot Guard, New Haven, CT (2GFG) 

Training includes 9mm pistol qualification at the Connecticut Army National Guard Training Center,  East Haven Rifle Range.

Each year the 2nd Co Governors Horse Guard does a show, and gives pony rides to people with disabilities who are attending summer camp at Camp Harkness in Waterford, CT.

Photo Numbers:

001-062   East Haven Rifle Range all four companies

063-112   Camp Nett Pasture Detail, 2GHG, 1GHG

113- 256  Camp Harkness, 2GHG

256a        Marching Video, 2GHG

257-263   Musket Cleaning 1GFG

264-318   Leadership Training, 2GHG

292a         Role Playing Video-Leadership Training, 2GHG

319-320   The Cooks, 1GHG

321-335    Mounted Training, 2GHG

337-340   1GFG

341-349   Mounted Training, 1GHG

350-354   Meeting, 1GFG

355-359   Unit Photos, all companies

360-422   Black Hawk Helicopter Rides

423a        Helo Video,  Black Hawk Helicopter

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