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The 2nd Company Governor's Horse Guard Recruit graduation ceremony was held on August 1, 2021 at their headquarters in Newtown, CT . It was an impressive ceremony celebrating the culmination of five months of training which began March 2021. Training included military drill and ceremony, mounted and dismounted drill, and equine studies.

The cadets Carella, Gillen, Merritt, Pennington, Pittman, Reinhardt, Ritter and Scott  were presented with Private rank insignias, cavalry spurs and graduation certificates.

Honored guests included Assistant Adjutant Brigadier General Gerald E. McDonald of the Air, CT National Guard; Commissioner Thomas J. Saadi, Dept. of Veterans Affairs; State Representative Mitch Bolinsky R-106th  District Newtown; Newtown's  Selectman Jeff Capeci; and State Rep. David Arconti, D-109th District Danbury. They  joined with past commandants, other distinguished guests, and cadet families in honor of the new troopers.

General McDonald presented Horse Officer 2nd LT Mazzara with the "Metal of Merit" for her meritorious service.  

Horses Chester and Max regally and patiently posed with the new recruits and their families during their portrait sessions.

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Video 2021 Recruit Graduation

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