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The annual Open House for The 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard was held under beautiful blue skies, and to temperatures in the 70's. There was something for everyone with several equine demonstrations, many vendors offering a diverse array of products for sale,  pony rides for the kids with a bounce house and games to play. To everyone's delight a baby deer ran through the middle of the event  and kept going until it was out of sight.

Equine Demonstrations:

Rachel Fleury -Mustang Demonstration and enjoying the grounds afterward with Karet Magic Photos 10-13

Ed Prybylski of Happy Trails Farm in Danbury, CT riding Delilah - Garrocha Pole Demo, followed by he and Delilah dancing the tango together, Photos 18-22

Happy Trails Drill Team:  Lucy Prybylski riding Maggie; Janet Harner riding Mac; Karen Adamshack riding Kusha; Beth Harvey riding Sage; Chris O’Neil riding AQ; and Jane Rush riding Reba, Photos 23-30

Rebecca Howard-Hathaway -Bareback Demonstration with Koko 13 Photos 61-69

The Troopers of The 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard performed their precision Cavalry Riding, followed by the Cavalry Musical Ride: 1LT Mazzara riding Bentley; PVT Lynott riding Bailey; PFC Cypher riding Chester; SGT Viets riding Andy:  PVT Spremullo riding Rocky;  SGT Taylor riding Custer: PVT Burton riding Red, and SGT Barkowski riding Maverick, Photos 39-51

Cavalry Uniform and Saddles on Display: 2nd Co. Governors Horse Guard Trooper PFC Mark Burns wearing a 1902 Cavalry Uniform, on the right is a 1902 Whitman Officer Saddle, on the left 1904 McClellan Saddle, Photo 70

DAWS (Danbury Animal Welfare Society) from Bethel was on site with several dogs available for adoption. Lorraine Mercede holding Isabella 8, and Lucy Harriman holding Isabella's twin Rowdy 8. They need to be adopted together, Photo 32

A small pony named Chocolate was in attendance along with her donkey pal Turquoise owned by Lisa McMurray. Photos 36, 37, and 71

Quilt of Valor was on site busily making more quilts to be given to service members in honor of their military service.

A Willy's Jeep with M38 Cargo and Utility Truck was on display by COMVEC, (CT Military Vehicle Collectors). Sebastian Miraglia is holding a 1950 Korean 3.5 Bazooka, Photo 38

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