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The yearly 2nd Co. Governors Horse Guard Banquet was held at Villa Bianca in Seymour, CT on December 7th, 2019. The banquet included Horse Guard members, and honored guests. Awards were presented to thank the recipients for all their hard work during the year. One of the highlights of the evening included creating and drinking the Grog, a tradition handed down over the years, followed by dinner, and dancing.

Head Table Honored Guests:

COL Gordon Johnson - 2nd Co Governors Horse Guard

Dan Rosenthal - First Selectman,  Newtown, CT

Mitch Bolinsky - CT State Representative for Newtown

Mrs Bolinsky

Dr. Nora Marrinan 

MAJ Jim Marrinan - Commandant 2nd Co Governors Horse Guard

CPT Russell Scull - 1st Co Governors Foot Guard

CPT Julie Scull -1st Co Governors Horse Guard 

CPT Sal Tarantino - Unit Commander 2nd Continental Light Dragoon

Mrs Tarantino


SGT Melanie Viets; 2LT Barb Godejohn; 2LT Marion Lynott; 2LT Jennifer Mazzara; SGT Jose Rosa; SGT Bonnie Cypher; CPL Steve Chapman

Following the photos is video created by Bill Cafarelli 

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